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Our Mission

United States Golf Register™ is the nation's official historical registry of holes-in-one. Our mission is to document and archive holes-in-one, and to distinguish those who have achieved this extraordinary accomplishment. Established in 1998 and

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United States Golf Register™ is the nation's official historical registry of holes-in-one. The U.S. Golf Register™ is devoted to preserving history with each hole-in-one made, and recording the significance of the achievement as a historical record. There are no registration fees or dues associated with registering.

Latest hole-in-one achievers

Reg# Name Date of Hole-In-One Course
41505 Long-Zuu Liu June 17,2017 Los Lagos Golf Course
41504 Diane Muise June 17,2017 The INTERNATIONAL
41503 Stephen Westbrooks June 23,2017 Crystal Falls Golf Club
41502 Kenneth Ziroll June 20,2017 Hickory CREEK
41501 Charles Johnson June 18,2017 Tregaron GOLF
41500 John Goodwin June 22,2017 D.W. FIELD
41499 James Lierz June 17,2017 St. Andrews Golf Club
41498 Andrew Amick June 21,2017 Morningstar Golf Club
41497 Victoria Lukashuk March 29,2016 Kensington Metropark Golf Course
41496 Mark Russell June 21,2017 Midland TRAIL
41495 David Midgett June 16,2017 Two RIVERS
41494 Robert Matthews June 18,2017 Meadow BROOK
41493 Shaila Sundaresh June 1,2017 Signature Of Solon Country Club
41492 Dan Pierce June 8,2017 Shenecossett Country Club
41491 Jim Ostojic June 20,2017 Champions Gate Country Club
41490 Rick Lukashuk June 16,2017 Downing Farms Golf Course
41489 Gyanen Kumar June 14,2017 Oak Hills Park Golf Course
41488 Bob Daley June 17,2017 Cronin's Golf Resort
41487 Jason Laderman June 11,2017 Mccullough's EMERALD
41486 Bruce Cozad June 5,2017 Interlochen Golf Club