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Our Mission

United States Golf Register™ is the nation's official historical registry of holes-in-one. Our mission is to document and archive holes-in-one, and to distinguish those who have achieved this extraordinary accomplishment. Established in 1998 and

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Congratulations on such a difficult golfing feat! Please click the link below to begin the process of your inclusion into the official hole-in-one registry

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United States Golf Register™ is the nation's official historical registry of holes-in-one. The U.S. Golf Register™ is devoted to preserving history with each hole-in-one made, and recording the significance of the achievement as a historical record. There are no registration fees or dues associated with registering.

Latest hole-in-one achievers

Reg# Name Date of Hole-In-One Course
42179 Mark Erlandson May 10,2018 Paa-Ko Ridge Golf Club
42178 Daniel Freeman May 11,2018 Montaup Country Club
42177 Matt Doll January 1,2018 Salt Creek Golf Course
42176 Tim Kaiser May 16,2018 Wildwood GOLF
42175 John Dawson May 15,2018 Ironbridge Golf Club
42174 Joseph Andreasen May 16,2018 Apple Valley Golf Course
42173 Michael Grothe May 6,2018 Glade VALLEY
42172 Tasha Armstrong May 12,2018 Ole Still Golf Club
42171 Michael Hudson May 12,2018 The Club At Falcon Point
42170 Randy Carter May 12,2018 Pineknoll Country Club
42169 Robert Schilling May 15,2018 Cream RIDGE
42168 Craig Bullis May 15,2018 The Nicklaus Golf Club At Lionsgate
42167 William Morris May 2,2018 Indian Springs
42166 Ronnie Beals May 13,2018 Houston National Golf Club
42165 Camden Newsom May 12,2018 Pheasant Run Golf Course
42164 Rebecca Krimski April 12,2018 Eagle Creek Golf & Country Club
42163 James Fasano May 9,2018 Mcallen COUNTRY
42162 Bruce Amoss May 11,2018 Barefoot Bay Golf Course
42161 Shawn Hamilton May 7,2018 Stevens Park Golf Course
42160 Anthony Herberger May 12,2018 Kearney Hill